Vision, Mission & Artistic Goals



To provide open access to an education in theatre making and performance in theatre. To nurture and inspire aspiring theatre artists. To build a community where theatre provides young people with a voice and the confidence, skills and knowledge with which to make that voice heard.



At the core of WA Youth Theatre Company belief that our youth is the future of our artistic expression as a culture.  We will provide a platform for the voice of young people in our community through theatre experiences and promote work created by youth, with youth, and for youth. 


Artistic GOALS

To encourage West Australian youth aged 13 to 26 years to express themselves through high quality theatre performances. We aim to extend creative opportunities beyond acting by providing valuable skills development, training, hands on experience and facilitating opportunities to enter the arts industry locally and nationally.

To reach our vision we have established a set of four strategic goals that support our core areas – Artistic, Education (Skills Development and Training), Opportunity (Professional Experience) and Organisational Sustainability.



 Create active, enjoyable, youth relevant and challenging theatre experiences within a safe and supported environment.


  Education (Skills Development and Training):

  Extend the theatre skills and knowledge of young West Australians via consistent and open-access exposure to talented professionals and effective work methods or processes.


   Opportunity (Professional Experience):

   Build career pathways for young artists entering the creative arts industry.


The two main aspects of the company are:  PERFORMANCE and TRAINING.



Performances are produced regularly throughout the year with both scripted works and self-devised pieces presented.  The productions are staged in a professional manner including the audition process, rehearsals, character development, set/lighting and audio design leading toward the promotion and presentation of the work on stage.

Participants experience the full professional theatre experience and are guided by experts in their journey toward a public showcase within the local theatre community. The opportunities afford them the chance to experience new forms, engage in advanced artistic practice, learning new rehearsal and preparation techniques while personally challenging themselves to excel and improve personally within the supportive environment provided by the company.

Previous scripted performances include: AWAY, Crave, Punk Rock, Cloudstreet, Mother Courage, Our Town, Midsummer Nights Dream, Clark in Sarajevo, The Tempest, Mine, Caucasian Chalk Circle, DNA, Life of Galileo and Romeo and Juliet.

Devised works are developed by members under the direction of a dramaturge and brought to stage via a Director, Set Designer, Lighting and Audio.  
Previous devised shows include: Fish Out of Water (Drop Dead), Fairytales on Thin Ice, Blood, Sweat, Tears (trilogy) Earth, Wind, Fire (trilogy) Here to Stay, The Daedalus Project and Revive.



The training program offered by the company provides an opportunity for young people to develop their performance skills and learn the craft through the instruction of professional actors, teachers and arts workers.  The training also provides an opportunity to build new creative communities, friendships and personal confidence as well as an opportunity to experience the performance industry as a young person.

In 2017 the training program is about to expand with more specific classes in areas of performance including script work, scene development, Shakespeare and the classics in performance, acting for film (and varied media), technical production, and audition techniques.



Since 2014 WA Youth Theatre have been running an annual Ensemble.  This provides training and skill development for the top tier of our members under the tutelage of a professional director and the best tutors and performance making facilitators.  

Ensemble members are chosen via audition and awarded the opportunity to engage with the year-long program of weekend workshops and devising work culminating in the development, rehearsal and presentation of a new company-generated devised work to be presented at the end of their year's work together.