Strategic Direction



Any young person curious about the arts is empowered to explore their interest in order to live a bigger, broader and more fulfilled life and contribute to WA’s community of diverse voices.



To create diverse pathways in the practice and experience of theatre arts, for young Western Australians, which are professionally led, open, and responsive.



  • Agency: Everyone is encouraged to have a voice and input in all situations.
  • Openness: All are welcome. We value diverse perspectives and everyone’s freedom to choose their own path.
  • Excellence: We are committed to delivering quality and best practice in all aspects of our work and to be the leader in our field.
  • Resilience: We hold steady in the face of challenges so that we fulfil our commitments and mission.
  • Boldness: We take measured risks in order to deliver on our promises and be energised.




A WAYTCo for all young Western Australians

We actively expand our reach by encouraging and enabling all young Western Australians including diverse, non-traditional, and regional young people to join and engage in theatre arts through WAYTCo.

Deliver excellent, irresistible programs and productions

We create and offer programs and professional productions that are enticing in order to attract and retain members, create a point of difference, and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Collaborate with exciting partners

We seek out and embrace collaborative partnerships with exciting and diverse organisations and artists for the benefit and growth of our members.

WAYTCo’s success is critical to the sector

We contribute to our sector by growing the next generation of artists, arts workers, leaders, audiences and philanthropists. We do this by inspiring a life-long love of the arts and amplifying the voice of young people today.

WAYTCo is valued and supported

We are celebrated, supported and sought out by our community of members, alumni, audiences, funders, and industry peers.

A sustainable and professional WAYTCo

We actively seek and maintain the resources, systems, and procedures that reflect our ambition and foster our growth.


Artistic vision

WAYTCo is focused on professionally-led, collaborative theatre making and performance training with diverse groups of Western Australians aged between 13 and 26 years. We make brilliant theatre across genres and forms with our members because we know that in tandem with an artist-led collaborative process this engenders personal growth as well as a deep and relevant understanding of contemporary practice. Our artistic endeavours champion the diversity of our members’ voices and stories. The high-quality performances created with and by our engaged young artists stimulate and inspire audiences and enrich the wider community.