We are very lucky to receive the support of a few key sponsors that make all of the WA Youth Theatre Company's good work with WA's talented youth possible. It is every little piece, fitted expertly together, that makes the whole strong!

Our key Creative Sponsor Juicebox have put their brains and brawn behind our new branding work and have made this excellent website possible with their generosity and brilliance.

The Office of Alahnah MacTiernan, for her assistance with developement work on the upcoming 2015 Galipolli commemoration The Dreaming Hill.

The City of Subiaco, for their ongoing support with our 2014/15 major productions. 

The Ian Potter Foundation offered invaluable contributions to our Major Productions Punk Rock and The Dreaming Hill.

WPM Print Management are our printing partner, and they help us with all of our promotions and marketing needs.