The pathway to professional theatre & performance practice for ALL YOUNG PEOPLE In Western australia

WAYTCo offers unique programs and opportunities for 13 to 26-year olds centred on high quality professional experiences that develop skills for theatre, employment, and for life. We offer diverse pathways, open programs, and high levels of artistic excellence to our members and audiences. We give primacy to the diverse and exciting voices of WA’s young people.

Our artistic focus on programs that operate as ‘theatre-as-life-laboratory’, where young people engage and experiment with the idea of becoming professional theatre practitioners by learning alongside professional artists. A young person who is curious about exploring their theatrical interests should be able to do so in a safe, inclusive and rewarding environment, no matter where they come from or what level of experience they have. For WAYTCo this means employing outstanding artists who know how to package their extensive knowledge and skills into relevant workshops, training and performance-making opportunities.

WAYTCo creates a safe space based on mutual respect in which genuine and productive artistic exchanges can occur. In this space members have creative freedom of expression, the autonomy to make their own choices, and are encouraged to engage and empathise with others. These authentic experiences help members build skills critical to successful theatre-making, as well as offering direct pathways into other opportunities in the performing arts in Western Australia and beyond. Experiences at WAYTCo build members’ trust, increase their sense of wellbeing and belonging, as well as imparting critical life skills that enable them to live bigger, broader and more fulfilled lives.



Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and Arts